Betts & Holt attorneys are engaged in matters that involve the sale, purchase, generation and delivery of electricity. The attorneys have negotiated new power supply arrangements for wholesale and large industrial and educational retail customers of electric utilities that have substantially reduced power supply costs for those customers. In several landmark cases involving municipal electric utilities, the attorneys’ transactional work and negotiations have fostered innovative and highly competitive power supply opportunities. A substantial portion of our practice is transactional, highly sensitive to markets and regulatory changes, and involves optimizing the value of generating facilities

The attorneys have worked extensively with hydroelectric, wind, cogeneration, waste-to-energy, and distributed generation, and they are engaged in various transmission and power pool dockets before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and state restructuring dockets before state regulatory commissions. They advise communities on how to establish competitive municipal electric systems, and existing municipal utilities on how to preserve a competitive edge as the electric utility industry evolves from a fully regulated to a partially regulated industry. The Firm assists educational institutions in restructuring their energy production and distribution systems, and their energy acquisition strategies, to strategically position them for utility industry restructuring.